Who are you loyal to? Is it money, fame or love? What keeps you up at night? You have to know what sets your soul on fire. To live this life to the fullest, you must chase the things you are loyal to- to the ends of the world. You must accept that as ineptly human as you are, you heart is full of dreams. In the middle of the night, when you toss in your bed you are immersed in a barrel of dreams. Every day you wake up, you are on a mission.

Your dreams should be so big that they scare you. Average life is good, but not for any longer shall we let norms dictate who we are. We should push ourselves harder, we should spread our wings and fly as high as we could. Most people fail because, when they meet the first bump on the road, they roll up their sleeves and give up. They decide to throw in the cards and let life push them around.

This life is a war. Brace yourself soldier. Wars never end. We are constantly fighting for our survival, for our place, to be heard. We are constantly fighting the war, this war called life. So, I tell you, chase your dreams with so much vile that the universe aligns everything you need. Leave the naysayers to prophecy doom on dreams of others, because maybe that is their part in your life.

Nothing like luck exists. You have to walk through life with hope and positivity. Because whether you like it or not, you will fall one too many times. Life will push you around and you will take a punch too hard. You will fall. You will meet people that you will love so much that they will burn you to ashes. But eventually you will rise, eventually you will become everything you were meant to be. Trust, in this journey. Trust that all things that were meant to be, shall eventually come to you in good time.

Plan your life, set targets and goals. But also remember that, it is not a competition. Be vigilant that, you acknowledge your journey is your journey. It is as unique as your purpose is. Don’t let anyone rush you to marry or drive your first car. Dance in the confusion and enjoy where you are. Let life, the greatest teacher of them all teach what you need to know before the ultimate becoming. Even when you fall, keep trying. When your dreams come alive, you become unstoppable.

It’s not until you fall that you fly. And when you learn to pick yourself back up every time you fall, you are undefeated. Jump out of your skin, walk through fire and be exceptional until all you see is stars. Because that is who you are. A star.