Today I’m feeling neither politically moved nor perturbed. Whatever is happening in the political arena, is way too sensitive for my fragile state of sanity. I take that school-commitment way too seriously, and the fact someone can hold my documents dismissively or dismissively hold my documents, I don’t know.

Honestly, figuring some people out feels like trying to untangle the earphones you put in your pockets 30 seconds ago. The torture that prevails between the thought to find your earphones, and eventually finding your earphones. In that state you’re telling your earphones, “Man, we’ve been in this for a while!” Then they loosen up a little you figure out one knot, so already that smile is almost dancing on your lips so it’s OK last swing before probably landing. Your heart is now beating with anticipation, or your heart is writing symphonies of anticipation with every beat.

Then you go ahead and convince your earphones even more, “I just want to listen to
one song, then I’m done. I don’t want to look like those socially immobile people who are always staring at the screen of their phones with earphones on. God, that’s awful!” But this time, the earphones feel too expensive for your Godforsaken sense of music. They tangle one more knot. Now you start to wonder if it is because you paid 20bob for offerings last Sunday while you had a 100shillings note in your pocket.

You are already ascertaining with your mind the exact song you wanted to listen to. Then it hits you, the flow you’re missing, you picture the moment and draw it in the exact current place, and the feel~ you become more aggressive, but your earphones give no damn to your wants and needs. You almost shout out loud,”It’s just a damn song. Why you acting like that? ” Your insolence isn’t taken kindly either so your oomph is reduced to untangling the earphones because they don’t look good either. Then you end up with bad earphones and tiny bit of bad moment.

Same as some people, you think you mean something to them, so they let your in. Then you put effort on your relationship with them, they curve back in and build walls. The harder you try, the more the maze intensifies. You end up with a bad relationship and a bad rather sad moment written hurt all over. But you simply wanted to create a special memory out of an ordinary human with a special heart.

Like these are just earphones, nothing complicated like all that rant up there. Nothing about humans and their morbid almost cold nature towards love and meaningful relationships. Simply, entangled earphones