I had been driving around the parking lot for almost half an hour, and still I couldn’t find a spot. After relentlessly searching, I found this cool spot next to this beauty~a Ford Mustang. My steering wheel and I fight for a while, and finally my Datsun 510 quietly settles into the spot. I stare across and this iced beauty just stands there majestically. She looks so sleek, my mind is racing with a myriad of thoughts. The things I’d do to her…

I peek at myself on the rear view mirror, brush my hand through my thick Afro, adjust my glasses and just as I’m about to leave, the little confidence I had sublimes. My mouth dries up, and I try to create sticky notes in my mind of the kinda conversation Kiilu and I would have. This chap is my childhood buddy. We go way back. We rolled in the hood, driving wire-cars, climbing trees and scaring girls we liked. But the wheat was finally separated from the chaff and he was the finer grain.

After our KCSE, my buddy boards a plane on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I bid him goodbye at the airport. Promises were made at the lounge, the goodbye was neither easy but after a few sunrises and sunsets, we all moved on. We found the next best thing to love dearly. It has been 15 years now. The economy was grisly bad. My old man says that this is the worst he’s seen since the times of Mzee Jommo Kenyatta. I had a job of job seeking, and believe you me, since I cleared college 11 years ago, I was still unemployed and living on lowcum.

I sat there thinking how lucky Kiilu was. He must have figured his life out already. I mastered up, all the courage I could and got out of my car. I walk into the restaurant and sweep across, only to catch him at a corner glancing at his watch impatiently. I take a deep breath and match forward to meet my childhood friend. As soon as he sees me, he gets up and his lips collapse into a grin. We embrace, like long lost brothers, we hold on to each other a little longer than we should. We take our seats and reignite the old flame of friendship.

‘Ey Man. No ring? ‘ He laughs out loudly. The Rolex in his hand must have been louder as it completely destructs me from the convo. I take a closer look. So he’s wearing a Georgia Armani, his phone is an i7+. He was a whooping 300K~ from head to toe. If one or two things happened and I ended up owning his suit, that would be enough to clear my student’s loan and start off the chicken- rearing I had been dreaming off. He taps the table with his index finger catching my attention.

‘Wowzers. No wife yet. It’s a jungle out here. ‘

‘What do you mean a jungle? I called you here because I was hoping you’d be my best man. ‘

I’m happy for this chap. Like for real I am, but my lips aren’t curving into a smile. My eyes are balancing with tears, and I really want to ask God are there too much blessings for one person. I get up and hug my guy. Blessed chap.

“Are you an engineer now? You were hots for civil engineering! ”

I stare blankly at this bubbly guy seated across me. He was bewildered with excitement whilst I sank in the deep wells of self pity.

‘No man. I never became an Engineer. I did Wood Science. ‘

‘Ey. Life is what time is though. When we plan God laughs.’ He laughs it off for a few seconds, then his face straightens up.

‘But for real though, how have you been? You should travel more, come down to Orlando and see life on the other side. ‘

‘Travel is good if you can afford it. ‘

‘You can’t live for bread and love. There’s more to life than what we see. Beyond the horizon, there’s a sunset and a sunrise and people. Maybe even the one you’ve been waiting for.’

‘I am happy for you. Life had been kind to you. Love too. ‘

‘I’ve been kind to myself too. And you should too. Don’t let the world turn you cold. ‘

‘Let’s catch up over beers. ‘

‘Yeah Man. Let’s go. ‘

He generously tips the waiter as we head for the parking lot. He spots my Datsun, a smile dancing on his face, ‘Good memories. You’ve done something beautiful with it. Let’s use yours. ‘

‘You have yours here? I don’t mind taking a break from a manual steering wheel you know. ‘

‘It’s right here.’

The Sexy Ford Mustang.