We the authors of today’s history, should be vigilant to tell the story as it is. We should be fairly historically correct and tell our kids’ kids the truths, the lies, the murders, the assassinations. Because if we do not we continue to dance to the tune of our forefathers. We continue to applaud mental slavery.

Emancipation is the answer, the way and the truth. We have to give them a chance to soar this country to greater heights of democracy. Truth is we failed ourselves as a country. We all turned into political animals, we accepted divisive ethnicity, we turned against our neighbors. We forgot that we fed these vipers to their fill and each and every day they grew thirstier and thirstier…They turned against us, fed on our sweat, danced on the graves of our brothers and sisters, lied and coaxed us. And we let them…

We can laugh at Trump’s mediocre presidency and throw a pity party at Americans but lest we forget, we aren’t different either. This charade, the power plays, optics for politics show has turned us into zombies. We are too scared to think for ourselves. We are too scared to fail ourselves, so we’d rather create a whole new religion around politicians. Man. We are failing our future generations. If we continue thinking that politicians will save us, that they will change how we live then; we will continue raising tyrants on to the throne every now and then. Because we are bad people, and we deserve bad leadership.

‘Rest easy fallen soldiers. We will do better as a democracy. ‘ – Consortium of Authors of Today’s History.