If and when they cut you open, what will they find~ feathers or steel? Feathers, you are life at its purest, untouched and unbroken by monsters in form of men. Steel, you have withered the storms, you have loved someone so deeply that they burnt you to the ground. Your crown fell while plucking the very things you thought were flowers from the dirt, but when the veil fell they were just weeds.

Sometimes the mask falls and you realize the person you are looking in the mirror is not what you feel inside. We can argue that vulnerability is weakness but, in the end,, we are a feeling. We forget names, even faces at times but rarely do we forget how a person made us feel.

Imperfectly perfect, we are all beautifully flawed. Some days we win, some days we learn. Reincarnation, a fact or not, we have this one life for now. And that’s all we probably have. We’d rather pick our battles wisely. Some wars aren’t just worth fighting, because we’d rather survive through one surrender and hope the sun will shine someday. There will be greater battles, with more at stake. If we get distracted, if we lose ourselves in chasing small wins, we assassinate the bigger picture.

You can argue, it’s the small pieces that make up a puzzle. There are mistakes, some call them downfalls that we might never bounce back from. If you and your mistakes ended up in the same bed, would you sleep your back facing the wall or embrace each other till dawn? I hate the ‘what ifs’ and ‘if onlys’ so sometimes, I’d rather watch the big orange ball surrender in the horizon and sigh ‘I’ll live!’