Some people were born lucky, others live their life trying to find their luck. Whichever kind you are, man struggles through life. Wasn’t it the ultimate price we had to ‘toil’ for disrespecting God?

The three entities of life; time, love and death.


Time is the most perfect illusion that comes in three shades; past, present and future. The shades, like any color in a spectrum have invisible boundaries. However much we struggle to separate time into the past, present and future, the only reality is the now. The past and future are abstract in nature. Merely concepts. Unless you grasp the essence of all that time is, you’ll be stuck in a delirium. A sick delirium with no happy or sad, just a numbness.


Love is war. The kind of war that only takes on the toughest soldiers full of courage and bravery. By COURAGE~ to love wholeheartedly and by BRAVERY to accept to be truly seen. Every war has its own casualties. In love there’s loss, there’s rejection and there’s pain. But like a proud soldier, you wear your scars like buttons. The stripes you earn, the scars you get make you who you were. Be sure to notice the collateral beauty. Love is infinite almost mystical because it’s all inside you. Finding yourself is finding love.


We humans are flawed, but our fatal flaw is death. That we are all souls trapped in human bodies, or rather we are beings enjoying a human experience. The body is like a box, rather a cage that delivers our personalities, memories, kindness e.t.c We should feed the soul for all that it is because oblivion is a fatal eventuality that no man can define or grasp. Feared or not feared, no man fears death no more no less.

The three most vital antidotes of life;


The only time you have is now. Whether you believe in reincarnation or life after death, the only life you are sure of is the one you have. Eat life with a big spoon, go to new places and do all that you want to do; NOW. Because NOW is all you have.


Accept to be truly seen and love wholeheartedly. Only, should you make soul connections, fall in love and kiss under the moon and the stars. If it shows you it’s ugly side, remember to notice the collateral beauty. All that you will become after the war.


Chuck Lorre #540
‘You can laugh at the human predicament. You can laugh at yourself. You can laugh because the alternative is crying. You can laugh because a truism has been exposed. You can laugh at the weakness, stupidity and failures of others. You can laugh because you identify. You can laugh to be polite. You can laugh from surprise. You can laugh from nervousness. You can laugh at the futility of it all. You can laugh at the antics of animals. You can laugh because others are laughing. You can laugh at tragedy if enough time has passed. You can laugh at the statement,”This is no laughing matter.”

I could go on, but clearly there are many reasons to laugh. As a fun homework assignment, I encourage you to look for others, write them down and don’t send them to me. ‘