September 13, 2018


Today I’m feeling neither politically moved nor perturbed. Whatever is happening in the political arena, is way too sensitive for my fragile state of sanity. I take that school-commitment way too seriously, and the fact someone can hold my documents… Continue Reading →

Life we live…

Some people were born lucky, others live their life trying to find their luck. Whichever kind you are, man struggles through life. Wasn’t it the ultimate price we had to ‘toil’ for disrespecting God? The three entities of life; time,… Continue Reading →

Memoirs of an Indigo Child

Maybe I am just a wallflower. Or sometimes I think I’m suffused by reality so I dig magic out of life’s most mundane. I just savor up everything in a moment because what would life be without magic. Magic is… Continue Reading →

Political Alchemy

PS; Disregard my gender, the agenda matters more. This isn’t really directed to the chauvinists, but also to the women whose will and souls have been ripped out by the obvious sexism reducing us (women) to screensavers and bed warmers…. Continue Reading →


He brushed my chin with his sausage fingers and a smile broke on my lips. Whether it was his touch or the blood pulsating through my veins, there was something about him. He smirked his lips and they turned into… Continue Reading →

Oops! Awkward…

This new millennial kids will kill me one day. Today, I was huddled up in some room with some kids. By huddled up, I don’t mean we were crammed in a tiny room with little or no ventilation, with some… Continue Reading →

See you when you are forty

The tall palm trees gyrate to the wind as they wistfully waft a cool breeze that engulfs you. The view ahead, breathtaking. Probably one worth killing for. The sun rays swallow the bottle of Regal that majestically stands on the… Continue Reading →

The Fireplace

The red flames dance, tither hither. Around, a street family huddled together. The eldest, pokes a stick into the fire and the sparks red and spiky jump above the flames. The youngest clutches firmly at the rugs covering his lean… Continue Reading →

The Shoe Shiner’s Daughter

The bristles of the brush rub against the black leather, gently then vigorously scattering the dust particles on the man’s shoes. The shoe-shiner sat humbly on his stool, rags clinging on to his body as if they were customarily made… Continue Reading →

The Social Misfit and the Chocker

She sat staring out the window, distant and detached. Every time our eyes met, she’d look away. The choker desperately clung on to her thin neck. Sometimes she’d glaze at her phone. I was sure, she was waiting for someone…. Continue Reading →

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