The tall palm trees gyrate to the wind as they wistfully waft a cool breeze that engulfs you. The view ahead, breathtaking. Probably one worth killing for. The sun rays swallow the bottle of Regal that majestically stands on the old stool made of reeds. A mullato young woman whose smile feels like fifteen seconds staring into heaven, stands over you. You greet her back with a smile, your soul tweaks. Her face, her skin, her voice feels like the good things in life. This is good life. You have earned it anyway; you lay back on the deck chair. The sunrays continue to soak the pain, the heartaches of the few years you slaved away.
In a pair of leather sandals, a dashiki and adorned in African antiques, vacay-ing at the Maldives. This should be you when you are forty.

Inside, the restaurant you indulge in the native dishes while teasing the young waiter who cannot stop quipping about how much he admires you. This woman sits across you with her son, carries a branded bag of the chain of companies you own. Just adjust your napkin and smile. Your name lies authoritatively on pens, mags, calendars but because the greatest teacher of them all, life taught how far humility can propel you, gratitude fills your heart. Your phone buzzes and your eldest calls. He called to wish you a happy father’s day and hopes you will grace his magazine launch. A proud parent you laugh boisterously wish him well and get back to your vacay.

Other days, disappear into humanity. But all in all, travel all you can, All the work you put, all the hours you slaved away should finally count. The early mornings you got up to report to a job you loathe, should mean something. No one should lie to you that it will be easy- because no it will not. You will fall so many times; you will give up but if you keep fighting. If you keep believing that all good things eventually happen to good people, the sun shall shine someday. You will waste very productive years of your life working for a mean rich man. His soul will be so corrupt that he will thwart your will and laugh at your dreams. He would mock you for believing in yourself. In all these things, thou shall not give up on your dreams.

You will some days’ meet ogres in form of men who shall set you ablaze. They will feed on your fears and prey on desperation. I know you will dance to their tune, break your beliefs for the thirst for success shall have blinded your vision. Others will use you for your talents and skills, whilst others will whisper poison into your ears. They will paralyze you with fear. For now, dance in this confusion. Enjoy the journey, for when you are up and your feet won’t touch the ground, sunflowers will bloom. The days you will fall and walk on your knees, life is teaching you something. Life in all its goodness is laying the steps to your destination.

Plant roses in people’s heart so that when you disappear into the edges of life, your memoirs will have earned a place in shelves of great books. Be kind, be good. When you are forty, you should pat your back for a job well done. If you meet a blind man, hold his hand and help him cross the road. Unfortunately, you will find love, you will lose love. These things will teach you to be strong and remind you how fast life is drifting by. Before forty you will probably, lose a loved one. It will reap your soul out; you will feel the depths of pain. You will watch your beloved lowered 6 foot under. Grief haunts you for days, but then peace, like a bird shall fly and perch on your heart.

Chase sunsets, fall in love with the Moriarty’s of the world and enjoy a life on the wild road. Open your heart to soul adventures. Love someone who will smash your soul open. Take roads that lead to unknown ends since this is the only way you grow. Embrace vulnerability and own up to your mistakes- this is how you learn. The only way you know that nothing comes easy. Even gems become diamonds after mounds and mounds of pressure and the light comes in through the cracks.

Before you decorate your birthday cake with so many candles, learn a thing about patience and being kind to yourself. Always be true to yourself. The greatest teacher of them all; life shall have impacted in you lessons on the three entities of life; love, death and time. I hope when you are forty, you shall have curved out of the crowd and found your path. Whether the world does or doesn’t know your name, write your name in people’s heart. Be notoriously vigilant in protecting the sanctity of your dreams. Make friends. Friends are roots that hold us firm to the ground. They make life a little more bearable. Find yourself a soul twin, grow old together.

The thing about time, where the past and the future don’t exist. If they do, they keep on disappearing into each other to give birth to a present. The Now. All we have is now.