I’ll tell you something beautiful about sunsets, sitting by the river,it’s massiveness and vastness swallowing you whole and watching the ending of something. Watching a day end, watching the big burning ball surrender. This is a cold cold world but there’s magic in little things like sunsets. Sometimes it’s not about the victory but the surrender. Falling back, and saying,’Ah! That was a good fight. Tomorrow is still another day.’

The beauty of giving in to defeat, allowing your imperfections to show is giving in to being only human. Highly mortal yet so flawed, is courage and bravery. There was a time, fight is all we had. Flight wasn’t part of the story. So we fought for our independence, we fought with our identity, we picked up another war with our sexuality. But in the end, when we surrender to it all, when we let things flow and let things be the way they were meant to be we finally learn, let the bridge to the past burn.

Glow with hope, love and joy until you burn. Let the past dissolve in the realms of time, pick the lessons and surrender every other thing. We are only infinite if we choose those who choose us. If we fight only for the things that set our souls on fire but above all when we know when to fight or surrender. Let the past be what it is, the past.