Tall and majestic, exuberant and a little more gusty, the wrought iron lattice stands in Paris. The Eiffel Tower. Designed and named after world’s brilliant engineer Gustave Eiffel, it is a sole yet most aesthetic cultural emblem. It’s part of what France is, it defines who they are and speaks nothing but a deep transcendental journey for the French.

But one day, one man struck by this piece of advert on the newspaper decides to gamble his life on this beauty. A deep scar ran from the bottom of his left eye to his ear, with a pugnant air of confidence, eloquent in five languages~ Count Victor Lustig decides to sell the Eiffel Tower. There are stories of this man, this con artist who spent his years studying people and mannerisms and sells the Eiffel Tower twice.

*He picked his victim.
Count Victor Lustig approaches the highest investors in scrap business at that time, one Monsieur P renowned for the 0s in his account because of the business.

*He was bold and confident
The French government had put in the dailies a reprimand for repair of the Eiffel Tower. When Count Victor Lustig approached Monsieur P, he informs them of the government’s plan to rip the tower for scrap. The business man knew beyond doubt that no one in his right mind could actually pull such a con, so he went ahead to inform his friends.

He managed to canvass 10,000 Francs out of the deal and made no effort to run or hide. But because Monsieur P was red with embarrassment, he never reported to the authorities. The Count fled after the con was complete, and returned later after one month to sell the Eiffel Tower against.

Lessons Learnt:

* Be Bold, Be Confident

A coward has no place in this world. Self doubt is like a cancer that spreads to all the aspects of your life. Believe in all that you do, believe in yourself, believe in what you want.

* Master Manipulators are Con Artists

In this world, there are people who feed on your desperation, they play to your ambitions and mirror your desires. To them you are just a stepping stone. To them you are the next con, or another game. If you think they have horns, you are in for the biggest con in the world.

This world is not our home.