There are things I wish my mother told me when I was younger. Maybe I’d unlearn the world as I know it and learnt how to love myself. But of all that life is, I know better than to marry a single story, to let one sole moment define who I am. That’s why, when those you hold dear, scream at the top of their voices, ‘Get your shit together!’ A lesser person, will walk on the defensive rail, clutch their guards up so close and build their walls so high. But the bigger person will know better to listen than to hear. Some words are heavy with emotions, painted with love whilst others are solely thrown at you to break you, to make you loathe yourself.

Life is fleeting by, faster than we know it. Time and light alike, likened to a spectrum that has the past, present and future which are so compact, yet so different that they keep disappearing into each other. So we live and learn. We are random molecules that keep bumping into each other. We are planets that are constantly gravitating through our own orbits, and sometimes we pass too close. And one planet, jumps to another planet but;

*We all have baggage from our pasts. Others have a load too heavy, others too light.

*We are so different yet so similar in the sense that we are imperfectly perfect.

*We are all time travellers, seeking for something deeper than love and bread. But our journeys are inconsequential.

*We are a mosaic of our pasts, smashed into pieces by pains of our childhood,and karmic loves we allowed into our lives. But we become who we want to be.

*We are all eager to find love, we seek it and obsesses about it. Lest we forget we are the love we give ourselves.

They teach us everything but no one ever remembers to teach us to love ourselves. Only ourselves. ~ Anonymous.