Oprah. Ah, everyone loves Oprah. She isn’t the standard pretty or sexy woman the patriarchy embodies but her charisma and natural charm speaks for itself. You are probably rolling your eyes thinking this is the part I say how I adore her, she is my role model blah blah. That banter ain’t shit. Allow me fill this piece with profanity because the oomph in it needs The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fuck. Have you read that book by the way? If you haven’t, you should. Especially since we are all semantically unlucky to be born in such drastic times where everyone is entitled. Everyone walks around with an over bloated sense of importance. Like I did. I felt important, and very entitled so I thought I should start a blog.

No one interviewed by Oprah has not broken into a gash of tears. No one. Except for Beyoncé, the alter ego. She has a gift of breaking past the ego and smashing souls open. Some would argue maybe it is her charisma but not everyone who talked to MLK Jr broke into tears until his ‘I have a dream’ debut. Only guys like Donald Trump and Kanye West would fail to. In one of her Soul Sunday specials, she talks to the Phenomenal Maya Angelou. She asks about how to protect yourself from hurt. And Maya speaks, about having that pristine place in you that no one can touch. That when someone comes at you past a certain point, you tell them fuck off.

I have sat through the nine seasons of Criminal Minds. And in every episode whenever psychopathy struck, the team would show up at the scene. Yellow tapes wound around the scene, ‘DO NOT CROSS CRIME SCENE.’ This is exactly how we should be. Whereas boundaries come in physical, there are also the invisible boundaries we should have around ourselves. The ‘DO NOT CROSS’ tape on our energies, souls and whole being. It is crucial to understand that as much as there is the physical form in us, there exists an abstract which is the being in us. If you pay attention to how people speak, when someone dies they say things like a life has been taken. before you are the physical form, you are a life, an aliveness.

It is okay to be a giver, a good friend, great parent and what have you. But it is equally important to protect yourself from anything that alters your state of being. Your energy is important. Your peace of mind does matter. To be an effective person, you have to be at peace with yourself. You can’t afford having people all over your space. Space goes beyond the physical. There is another space, the pristine in you, your soul that no one should have unrestricted access to. There are people, if you let them they will lie to you, disrespect you without blinking. The guys who will never admit they are wrong unless they want to get something from you. The takers. a breathing example is Donald F. Trump, I don’t know what the F really means. If you let this guy into your restricted area, he will poop on your peace.

Protecting yourself is important for a fulfilled life. Walking around with your heart on your sleeve will leave you living below your potential. We have this disease of giving things outside ourselves to control our lives. He ruined my day, she insulted me, they let me down- they all did because you let them. You gave them access to a part of you that only belongs to you and God. No one should have that kind of power over anyone. It is a sickness, a bad disease. We will keep on raising a generation of reactive people who blame other people for everything. Taylor Perry’s Acrimony tells a painful story of the real picture of the animals we have become. Zero conscience, we don’t take responsibility of our actions and our lives are a result of the action of others.

For the sake of your sanity and peace of mind, no one should have unrestricted access to you. No person should affect your vibration frequency. No one should have that kind of power. Everyone else belongs behind the yellow tape. It does not matter how close they are to you. If they give a fuck about you, they should give a fuck about the yellow tape. Be unfuckwithable with!

UNFUCKWITHABLE: When you are truly at peace and in touch with yourself. Nothing anyone says or does bothers you and no negativity can touch you.