I had made up my mind to sit out the political conundrum ensuing this nation after the botched revolution. But you see, once you cast the ballot, democracy becomes another thing bigger than you. Because you come to understand the bigger entity outside yourself apart from the church and family. You get exposed to the other side. Now you realize just how the system directly affects you, and the state of the nation directly impacts your individual success as an entrepreneur and professional. It dawns on you that the state directly determines your quality of life. So, you must give a shit. About how your taxes are being used, who runs what, why interests on bank loans are inflated.

I am pledging allegiance to pursue patriotism, to eventually serve the people of this country. Now, I am a proud change agent. Nothing fancy in the corporate world, leave for blogging. I leave my camera at home most times, so I got no evidence. But for now, it is safe to say we are touching the basics, we are down at the grassroots- one foot in front of the other. Feel free to insert Jamaican lingo.


The DP is a man I respect, not for his intelligence or power plays but for one thing, he is self-made. Like Nasty C says, he did not have a dream, he designed it. So, did WSR. He is son of a peasant, not born from a dynasty or the who’s and who’s. Neither did he hit the gold core, because a Godfather. Yeah yeah, Moi blah blah. I am basically appreciating and applauding his art of the come up. It is a masterpiece. A keen student of Machiavelli, he has displayed nothing less than mastery. But of late, he is losing his foot.

There has been a lot of disgruntlement in his backyard because of the state of things. Maize to start with. The main economic activity of people from the DP backyard is agriculture, especially maize farming. During campaigns, these guys sire a lot of expectations. When they finally get into office, voters are pregnant with expectations. They want the things promised fulfilled. I know when WSR was endearing to his people, he promised to protect the interests of the farmers. Because they are the backbone, they are the voters. Maize has been hit by a series of scandals, and up until today no truth has been exposed. These guys have been throwing blames at each other. Not me, it is the Ministry. The Ministry, not me, it is the Treasury. When the news bulletin comes to a wrap, one truth remains NO PERPETRATOR has been brought to book.

I saw the footage of Hon.Alfred Keter and Hon Kutuny about the Maize Scuffle. From the body language, the mood and the tone, these guys are displeased with DP. And they are not the only ones. You can pick it up from the other leaders from the region who spoke in the ‘koito’ of Hon Cherargei’s relative. At a time when WSR is building alliances, making allies and what have you, he should be enjoying an overwhelming support from his backyard.

Law 18, Do not build a fortress to protect yourself, isolation is dangerous.

WSR built a fortress when he forgot to keep the leaders in his backyard close. He cut himself off, from valuable information- disgruntlement by the farmers and became too conspicuous. That is why Hon Keter and the rest are throwing shade at him. They are demanding he be investigated for the scandal and furthermore a lifestyle audit.

2 Cor 5:14-15 For the love of Christ controls us, having concluded this, that one died for all, therefore all died and He died for all…

Jesus son of God was selfless in his deeds. And the one that superseded all was dying on the cross for all to be saved. A great leader should be selfless. WSR does not only want to rule this country but also be a King. That is why he is ruthless. He should show some selflessness. I am not here to throw any shade, enough has been. But when he is amassing wealth and building machinery for 2022, he should act selfless, at least throw some piece at his allies from his backyard.

In conclusion, I don’t know whether WSR is involved in the maize scandal. However, he should be quick in repairing that leak. When the people from your very backyard don’t support or trust you, you appear weak in the eyes of others. You will always work from a point of disadvantage, because you can be hit from anywhere. There is no one to ‘really’ protect you. But we can also console ourselves and say it is just politics. It will spill over, Hon Keter and WSR will be playing Golf at Windsor, as the farmer sells his maize at throw away price.