January 2019

Looking in the Mirror

A writer writing about another writer is an elixir on its own. It is looking in the mirror, and writing about the reflection. The mirror is an interesting phenomenon, but the True Mirror is even more thrilling. The True Mirror… Continue Reading →

Kenya’s Lack is an African Disease

Over the recent polls, I have come to admire Dr. David Ndii’s strong stance on how the government runs the economy of this country. Apart from his brilliant academic dossier, he has stood his ground. In 7 Habits of a… Continue Reading →

No I Don’t

She hissed between her teeth,’ He cheated.’ ‘What?’ I lost balance off the plank and fell on my belly. ‘Again?’ The smell of sweat, dust and desperation fill up the air in the gym. Papa, the gym trainer, a 6… Continue Reading →

To Pimp a Butterfly

” The caterpillar goes to work on the cocoon which institutionalizes himHe can no longer see past his own thoughtsHe’s trappedWhen trapped inside these walls certain ideas start to take rootsSuch as going home, and bringing back new concepts to… Continue Reading →

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