I am seated at the park, pretty hang-overed. The previous night was a battle between my liver and strong beverages. We know who won, the beverages. I was feeling rather irk and beat. My body had succumbed to the Whisky. The sun was up, burning fiercely on my forehead. This woman walks up towards me and sits next to me on the bench. I desperately needed to re-hydrate and in my company, I had a bottle of water.

She is fidgety and looks rather disturbed. I could tell that her mind was an alley of stress. I look around the park.

The greenness is refreshing and I turn to her;

‘Green is a beautiful color. ‘

She smiles, ‘No, life is a beautiful splash of colors.’

‘But green, is a color in that splash right?’

‘Yes. But you can’t separate it from the splash. Otherwise, the beauty would lose it’s balance. ‘

‘So green is just an entity in the splash.’

‘It is not really an entity, because it can’t exist alone.’

‘How would you describe people then. ‘

‘Simple, imperfect.’

‘What about good and bad people? They pretty much exist. ‘

‘No, there are neither good nor bad people. There are imperfect people, with both streaks of good and bad. ‘

‘But sometimes the bad outweighs the good. Doesn’t that make a person bad?’

‘No. When the bad outweighs the good in a person, they are not putting enough work on themselves. The people who are described as good are the soulful humans who put in work to be better and do better.’

She got up, and turned to me;

‘The world is full of broken people who don’t even know it yet. So they go around destroying other human beings. Even if you loved them with your life, you can neither shield nor fix their pain. It’s only this pain that grows them. You have to give them grace. But you can only do that from a distance. ‘

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