Stories are pictures painted with words..

I write from some core deep inside. I like to question everything and make sense out of it, so most of what I write is life through my lenses. Life is a story, and either way, whichever way it unfolds it must be told. I am here for the story, I live, love and laugh sometimes but when I breath in, I breath in a story.
Sometimes the metaphysics disorients our true nature, but in art we find our stories, we gain our higher selves. We however, have to agree that nothing I write is personal. We get one chance to live, but a million chances to choose happiness, to rewrite our histories and make portraits for generations to come.
I am a word painter, I like to paint with words because I love the feel of reading, listening or writing something compelling, it actually feels like a braingarsm~ when my braincells make love with juggled up letters. Curiousity feeds my soul, so I like to water my mind with great reads. I tend to believe I am among the group of people who want to know how the other half lives.
Hi, I am Sylvia Omondi and I am a word painter. I like to make portraits with words, I am addicted to happiness and I am pro-human. Humans deserve a chance to change their narrative, to waiver from a single narrative.
I hope your mind is blown away and every moment you stop by, you shutter and clench your teeth from paingarsms my pieces will have served you generously.