To My Tribe,
This I write, after a cold glass of Fanta Orange~ Sensoria. I call it sometimes. It awakens your senses, it’s sweeter than couched up love making. So, I write from a good place. This is mine, amongst other things like immersing myself in good reads, chasing sunsets or telling stories..
I write from some core deep inside. I like to question everything and make sense out of it, so most of what I write is life through my lenses. Life is a story, and either way, whichever way it unfolds it must be told.

I am here for the story. I live, love and laugh and sometimes when I breath in, I breath in a story.
Sometimes the metaphysics disorients our true nature, but in art we find our stories, we gain our higher selves. We are a people too scared of authenticity, we’d rather enjoy basic connections than smash our souls open. We are scared of rebels. We are scared of being different. We are too scared to be ourselves. But of these things, we should not be. We however have to agree nothing I write is personal, contra or otherwise.
I am a word painter, I like to paint with words becaus storytelling is a powerful art. Sometimes we tell stories to feel good about ourselves, other times we paint our experiences to meet the stranger in the wanderlust. Most times, we just want to escape from our bittersweet experiences, life. Storytelling is time travel and stories are word paintings that carry us into the Wander Land.
Curiousity feeds my soul, so I like to water my mind with great reads and soul adventures. I tend to believe I am among the group of people who want to know how the other half lives and appreciates fine things.
Let me introduce myself to you my tribe. I call you my tribe because you get to take a walk in my mind. You are divine and close to me. Hi, I am Sylvia Omondi and I am a word painter. I like to make portraits with words, I am addicted to happiness and I am pro-human. Humans deserve a chance to change their narrative, to waiver from a single narrative.