Lies People Tell

I Love You… Claus and I had made an unspoken vow to stick to each other till death. But the love between us was undeniable. Simply put, I was his person, he was my dog. I remember the days we… Continue Reading →

Of Great Men and Great Books

I guess I had an epiphany of Bob Collymore’s death. Before he knew the curtains were drawing for him. I decided I do not have a problem with being a well-read invalid. So, I made a habit. Every week, I… Continue Reading →

Kenya’s Lack is an African Disease

Over the recent polls, I have come to admire Dr. David Ndii’s strong stance on how the government runs the economy of this country. Apart from his brilliant academic dossier, he has stood his ground. In 7 Habits of a… Continue Reading →

To Pimp a Butterfly

” The caterpillar goes to work on the cocoon which institutionalizes himHe can no longer see past his own thoughtsHe’s trappedWhen trapped inside these walls certain ideas start to take rootsSuch as going home, and bringing back new concepts to… Continue Reading →

Poverty, a sibling of early pregnancy among teens

These frantic and highly militarized exams have revealed the rot and impunity masked by this education system that overemphasizes good grades over holistic development of the child. The media and other stake holders have put us through a circus with… Continue Reading →

The Machiavellian

I had made up my mind to sit out the political conundrum ensuing this nation after the botched revolution. But you see, once you cast the ballot, democracy becomes another thing bigger than you. Because you come to understand the… Continue Reading →

Stamped Stump

I had run into him more than a million times, a perfect stranger who we probably shared a seat in a matatu. We ply the same route home, a route run by a cavalier of savage and sarcastic touts who… Continue Reading →


What’s your greatest fear? What makes you shudder? The things that make you feel weak inside just thinking about them. Everyone has a fear, or the greatest fear. My greatest fear is never being the best version of myself. Others… Continue Reading →

Heads or Tails?

The dirty banner reads ‘Kaloleni Pub’. From where I stand, it reeks of nothing but dinginess. It is a small pub stacked between sheds of similar stature in the backstreets of California, some shanty hood in the heart of Eldoret…. Continue Reading →

The Bistro

We sat in the smoke-filled kitchen. I chocked and chocked. The hypocrisy chocked me too. Not that I have never had the occasional smoke, I have. At one point, I would light one too many on end, the thing about… Continue Reading →

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