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What’s your greatest fear? What makes you shudder? The things that make you feel weak inside just thinking about them. Everyone has a fear, or the greatest fear. My greatest fear is never being the best version of myself. Others… Continue Reading →

Heads or Tails?

The dirty banner reads ‘Kaloleni Pub’. From where I stand, it reeks of nothing but dinginess. It is a small pub stacked between sheds of similar stature in the backstreets of California, some shanty hood in the heart of Eldoret…. Continue Reading →

The Bistro

We sat in the smoke-filled kitchen. I chocked and chocked. The hypocrisy chocked me too. Not that I have never had the occasional smoke, I have. At one point, I would light one too many on end, the thing about… Continue Reading →


You unplug the whole weekend. That thing we all sometimes do, to recharge. You switch on your phone early Monday morning before you get a panic attack. How much have you missed? Your boyfriend could have gotten married to his… Continue Reading →

Restricted Access

Oprah. Ah, everyone loves Oprah. She isn’t the standard pretty or sexy woman the patriarchy embodies but her charisma and natural charm speaks for itself. You are probably rolling your eyes thinking this is the part I say how I… Continue Reading →

Chasing Ghosts

The white squeaky walls echoed a queer silence. The dark-tan leather couch, stood there, against the wall. The old clock, ticked and tocked with a photo of Marilyn Monroe just a few instances above it. I fidget, tap my feet… Continue Reading →

Quarter to Five

I sat at the confessional, my Black tartan Harris Tweed Hip flask dangling from my neck. Like Hebrides, the home of Harris Tweed my soul gets so cold she keeps me warm. The priest’s voice, soothing and pompous pierced through… Continue Reading →


I kept on swallowing hard lumps, one after the other. My eyes tense with balancing tears. I sat in this pain and let it consume me. Let me start from the beginning. I had walked on egg shells all my… Continue Reading →

Table 47

I rushed through the revolving doors. I stopped at the reception and asked for table 47. The reception smiles queerly, “Your table is ready miss. Your beau is waiting.”  He grinned. He seemed like the kind of people who never… Continue Reading →

Remember the Songs…

We were chasing sunsets by the lake; an old jam- Berries Hammond’s Rockaway playing in the car’s stereo. The sun cast its orange glow across the water as the wild ducks enjoyed a dip. This, a perfect recipe for nostalgia…. Continue Reading →

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