Remember the Songs…

We were chasing sunsets by the lake; an old jam- Berries Hammond’s Rockaway playing in the car’s stereo. The sun cast its orange glow across the water as the wild ducks enjoyed a dip. This, a perfect recipe for nostalgia…. Continue Reading →

A Point of Self Indulgence

~ The sand on my feet was heaven, the book in my hands something between time travel and life on other planets. The place, Gazi Beach and the book Bittersweet. I was lost in awe, swallowed by the glow of… Continue Reading →

Dream It Possible

Who are you loyal to? Is it money, fame or love? What keeps you up at night? You have to know what sets your soul on fire. To live this life to the fullest, you must chase the things you… Continue Reading →

Finer Grain

I had been driving around the parking lot for almost half an hour, and still I couldn’t find a spot. After relentlessly searching, I found this cool spot next to this beauty~a Ford Mustang. My steering wheel and I fight… Continue Reading →

See you when you are forty

The tall palm trees gyrate to the wind as they wistfully waft a cool breeze that engulfs you. The view ahead, breathtaking. Probably one worth killing for. The sun rays swallow the bottle of Regal that majestically stands on the… Continue Reading →


I’ll tell you something beautiful about sunsets, sitting by the river,it’s massiveness and vastness swallowing you whole and watching the ending of something. Watching a day end, watching the big burning ball surrender. This is a cold cold world but… Continue Reading →

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