Urban Buddha


What’s your greatest fear? What makes you shudder? The things that make you feel weak inside just thinking about them. Everyone has a fear, or the greatest fear. My greatest fear is never being the best version of myself. Others… Continue Reading →

Restricted Access

Oprah. Ah, everyone loves Oprah. She isn’t the standard pretty or sexy woman the patriarchy embodies but her charisma and natural charm speaks for itself. You are probably rolling your eyes thinking this is the part I say how I… Continue Reading →

Remember the Songs…

We were chasing sunsets by the lake; an old jam- Berries Hammond’s Rockaway playing in the car’s stereo. The sun cast its orange glow across the water as the wild ducks enjoyed a dip. This, a perfect recipe for nostalgia…. Continue Reading →

A Point of Self Indulgence

~ The sand on my feet was heaven, the book in my hands something between time travel and life on other planets. The place, Gazi Beach and the book Bittersweet. I was lost in awe, swallowed by the glow of… Continue Reading →

Bake and Break

When the river overflows, it eventually breaks it banks. That thing I call, bake and break, so you hold on to crap, they call you sometime when it’s convenient and beneficial. And the empath in you always feels obliged to… Continue Reading →

Dream It Possible

Who are you loyal to? Is it money, fame or love? What keeps you up at night? You have to know what sets your soul on fire. To live this life to the fullest, you must chase the things you… Continue Reading →

I’ll Live

If and when they cut you open, what will they find~ feathers or steel? Feathers, you are life at its purest, untouched and unbroken by monsters in form of men. Steel, you have withered the storms, you have loved someone… Continue Reading →

Imperfectly Perfect

I am seated at the park, pretty hang-overed. The previous night was a battle between my liver and strong beverages. We know who won, the beverages. I was feeling rather irky and beat. My body had succumbed to the Whisky…. Continue Reading →


I stand for the broken in the society, those who have been crushed into pieces, the ones who have a taken a beating one too many by this life. These are courageous humans who tried to love instead they hurt… Continue Reading →

Life we live…

Some people were born lucky, others live their life trying to find their luck. Whichever kind you are, man struggles through life. Wasn’t it the ultimate price we had to ‘toil’ for disrespecting God? The three entities of life; time,… Continue Reading →

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